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New Seldom
Decided to yet again change Sonic Seldom. It's basically the same design in terms of quills, but certain clothes and accessories I made.  The shading, too.

The original design for this sprite was made by this nark. :iconn3rax:  The duster, necklace, tape, and shading were me.
Is Me Again.
I made a new thing.  It's mainly practice.  Based on the Hyper Gauge crew sprites made by MasterCoreEX.  Don't think he has a DA, if he does lemme know.

UPDATE: I found out the actual height of the sprites and made it correctly. Thanks :iconoreodespair:
I did it again.
Yup. I made a different LSW me, this time with scarf, mask, belt, and bionic arm.

I made one with Iron Man colours cause boredom. 
Showcase 2016
Late I know, but I wanted to upload something.  This is all I've done in terms of spriting in 2016.  Some stuff was made from contests, others from requests, and others from just because I was bored and wanted to.

Frost and Cherry belong to this nark: :iconfrostburned-soul: (his version is way better which makes me question why the Hell he asked me to make it. ~lowkeyremembersthefacthedidnthavealaptopatthetime~

Alicia belongs to this cinnamon roll right here. :iconaquilaharukaze: if I'm being honest I think I'm proud of that piece I did the most.  It was for her birthday and I put a good chunk of effort into it.

Anyway, have a good one, lads and lassies.
Howdy do folks?  Haven't really spoken in a while and I do apologize for that, but things in my life have been slowly but surely changing, and I want to take some time out to give you guys the details, as much as I can anyway.

Firstly as you all could no doubt tell I changed my username from SeldomBlood to NecroticPixel.  This is honestly something I've been wanting to do for a while, but I was so uncertain because I've had such a history with the name and this is what my online friends and what you guys have known me as for so long, not to mention it's the name of my main creation, whether he be in the Sonicverse or in my own personal story.  Eventually I decided if I was gonna do it, it would be now or never.  Plus my Core thing is running out and I've done next to nothing with it.  Well, the name is here and I'm glad I got that off my shoulders instead of just throwing the name away and regretting doing so.

In terms of the actual name, that in itself to a while to create.  I wanted it to reflect some of the things I like, but not stray to far away from where I started.  I like pixel art, and that's a given, but I also really like necrotic magic, whether it be in card games, video games, D&D, or just a fiction novel.  I went through so many different iterations of the new name, but eventually I narrowed it down to this in terms of this name being the best choice and the names I were going to use prior were taken and I didn't want to resort to using numbers.  Ultimately I really like the name I have chosen to use for this site, and will eventually use this for most other media sites as well.

Now this doesn't mean Seldom Blood the character no longer exists.  I'm not getting rid of him and never will, he's my first creation and I will continue to evolve him and his story as time moves forward.

In terms of real life news, I'm happy to say that my younger brother has graduated high school and I am so proud of him.  We are currently in West Virginia for the week as a vacation and celebration for him, we'll be visiting family and places we grew up during that time and will be returning to Georgia next Monday.

I am also pleased to inform that my current job is going rather well and still making money from them, and that they let me have this week off so I can come here and visit where I grew up.  Although I will not be working there for much longer, I will be quitting when I receive enough to where I can survive for a month or two so I can put myself out there and getting into show business, music, acting, stand-up, whatever I can, and when I pin point that down I'll go all out and give it my all.  I only hope it all works well in the end.

Finally in terms of content like I said, I'm not getting rid of my character Seldom Blood, I'm still putting him through the Hell that is his different designs and the stories he will be put in.  I want to try to make more, but work drains me like a mad man and I get so tired on a physical level that I don't want to create.  I want to get better, though and I will do everything I can to improve and be the best creator I can possibly be.  This bit was short I know, but like my tag-line under my username said, I'm currently progressing, everything is still in pre-pre-development.  Hopefully by the end of the year I'll have something pinned down, fingers crossed folks.

Welp, that's pretty much it for the time being, I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day or a good night depending on your time zones.

God Bless all of ya.


NecroticPixel's Profile Picture
Vaden James
United States
Hello friends, I am the NecroticPixel, welcome to my page of pixels.

I am a Pixel Artist and Flash Animator, I occasionally draw on the side, but not all that much.

I am currently in the development on working on a Flash Animated story, I'm still tossing some ideas in the air, working mainly on plot, lore, story, names for characters, design, well... Everything to be honest with you, even the title of the story itself, though I do have some ideas stapled down and will go into the story.


Amazing Person by SparkLum Get To Know Me Stamp by SparkLum

Miserable Stamp by SparkLum Doing Enough Stamp by SparkLum Flipside Stamp by SparkLum

Own World stamp by Cheywolfe Stamp: Read my mind by MafiaVamp Lonely-Stamp by Dinoclaws


I support shadamy by nikki2873 Silver as Shadamy's kid stamp by Envytheskunk .:I love ShadAmy:. by shadamy-luffer

Sonally Stamp by Victoria-The-Bunnie Sonally Stamp by migueruchan


DragonBall Z fan stamp by wLadyB91 Dragonball Z Abridged Stamp by LoudNoises Vegeta Stamp by KazultheDragon

Variety of Flower Stamp by DarthRegina125 Stamp: Bardock SSJ by wLadyB91


Super Street Fighter IV Stamp by laprasking Fighting Game stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps



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